Are Hair Dryers Available in the Villas?

Yes, hair dryers are available for your use in all villas.

Are Beach Towels Available at the Resort?

Yes, when you check into the resort, you will be given towel cards for each member of your group. You can trade these cards for beach towels at the towel cart by the pool. When you are finished using your towels for the day, please return them to the towel cart and keep your card for the next day. Keep cards in a safe place as you will need to hand them in on checkout. You will be charged if you lose the towel cards.

Is it Customary to Tip in Mexico?

Typically, you tip 15% on restaurant and bar services. Bellmen, taxi drivers, and housekeepers receive 10%. Depending on the service, of course, your level of tip may vary. For visitors considering tours, don’t forget to tip drivers and tour guides that provided an excellent experience and great customer service.

What Travel Documents Do I Need?

Whether you’re traveling by air, land or sea, you need a passport to enter and exit Mexico. If you’ve just started planning a trip to Cabo, but don’t have a valid passport, don’t wait too long. US passports are currently being processed in 4 to 6 weeks from the time of application. Expedited passports can be delivered within 3 weeks, but it costs an additional $25. No additional visas are required to enter Mexico.