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What You Need to Know

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Whether you’re traveling via air, land or sea, you need a passport to enter and exit Mexico. If you’ve started planning a trip to Cabo, but don’t have a valid passport, don’t wait too long. US passports are currently being processed in 4 to 6 weeks from the time of application. Expedited passports can be delivered within 3 weeks, but it costs an additional $25. Don’t forget, passports may be considered invalid if the expiration date is too close to your travel date. No additional visas are required to enter Mexico.

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It’s common practice for travelers to stick with bottled water for drinking. Nevertheless, the water at Villa La Estancia has been treated locally and again at the resort. It is completely safe to use tap water to brush your teeth and wash your fruits and vegetables. When dining out, bottled and sparkling water is made readily available. Consider heading to Costco or Walmart for a few cases of bottled water, and other essentials, before heading to your villa rental. It’s less expensive and with all that sunshine, you’ll want to stay hydrated!

Villa La Estancia, Beachfront Resort, La Estancia Vacations

Obtaining trip insurance for your vacation to Cabo San Lucas is completely up to you. While many choose to forego, others enjoy the peace of mind it provides. Before purchasing any insurance plan, find out what your current medical insurance covers and ask the provider “What does each trip insurance policy cover?” Make sure the plan you’re interested in is worth the cost. Typically, trip insurance covers medical expense coverage, cancellation reimbursement, and car rental collision packages. If you are considering additional insurance, La Estancia suggests looking at Travel Guard.

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La Estancia Vacations has solidified some great partnerships with top transportation companies in Cabo San Lucas. If you don’t want to rent a car in Mexico, we suggest hiring a private car from the Los Cabos International Airport to Villa La Estancia. Touch down with the peace of mind that our great partners will be waiting. For visitors planning frequent day excursions to Cerritos, La Paz, Todos Santos and beyond, we recommend renting a car (for the entire duration of your trip or just a couple days for sightseeing!). It’s a simple process, does not require an international license, and you receive free parking at Villa La Estancia.

Villa La Estancia Los Cabos, Costa Azul, La Estancia Vacations

For U.S. citizens, traveler’s checks are not a necessity. While Mexico’s national currency is the peso, the U.S. dollar is accepted at most restaurants, stores and bars. Note: Change will be given in pesos. Whether or not you arrive with pesos or not, there are a number of nearby banks that can also exchange currency. Before traveling, don’t forget to let your banks and/or credit card companies know when and where you will be traveling.

Villa La Estancia Los Cabos, Cabo Surf, La Estancia Vacations

The one word answer: Yes. Cabo San Lucas is a very friendly destination for families, girls getaways, romantic escapes and more. Villa La Estancia is in a safe location and features enhanced security for your peace of mind. As with all tourist destinations or big city in any country, exercise caution and common sense to keep you and your valuables safe. A few key Cabo safety tips: don’t bring your valuables to the beach; refrain from going places alone at night; and don’t leave purses, cameras, etc in your car unattended.

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Typically, you tip 15% on restaurant and bar services. Bellmen, taxi drivers, and housekeepers receive 10%. Depending on the service, of course, your level of tip may vary. For visitors considering tours, don’t forget to tip the drivers and tour guides who provided an excellent experience and great customer service.

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Whether it’s a little stomach bug or heat rash, there are a number of helpful pharmacies located near Villa La Estancia. The Palmita Market also carries a range of health and wellness products. For more serious illnesses and injuries, Amerimed is a U.S. hospital that specializes in international tourists. Before your trip, check with your medical provider for specific medical coverage details.

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The best time to travel to Cabo San Lucas is all about preferences. Are you looking for the best Cabo deals? Do you want Cabo’s best weather? Typically, Cabo’s high season is December through April with winter temperatures hovering in the mid-70s and mid-80s. This time of year, whales and whale watching tours also return to the Baja waters. Because of the popularity of a winter escape don’t expect to find the same deals as you would other times of year. Fall and late spring still boast comfortable temperatures without the same amount of tourists. By far, the best deals in Cabo will come August to October. The temperature and humidity are at their highest these months. Considered hurricane season, tropical rain can also be expected. Typically, hurricanes don’t make landfall on the Cabo peninsula, but instead deliver some rain and cloudy skies.

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In Cabo, if you’re not barefoot, you’re overdressed. To stay comfortable, pack your flip flops, swimsuits and breathable clothing. The sun can be intense, so we recommend having a wide-brimmed hat on hand. If you’re planning to dine at a nice restaurant, men should have a pair of closed-toed shoes, pants, and nice shirt. Ladies can get away with dress sandals, and don’t forget a dress or blouse. Restaurants like Mona Lisa and Edith’s call for a departure from beach casual. Forgot to pack something? The beautiful Puerto Paraiso Shopping Mall is a short taxi ride from Villa La Estancia. Peruse jewellery, clothing, luxury goods stores and more. Villa La Estancia provides beach towels, so no need to bring your own!


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