Cabo Hiking

The beauty of Los Cabos stretches far beyond the beaches. Spend a day hiking the Sierra Lagunas and get a glimpse of an often unseen side of Cabo. Under an hour from Villa La Estancia and Cabo San Lucas is the trailhead to one of the area’s most popular hikes. Starting in the small agricultural town of Santiago, you will traipse through Mexico’s desert terrain to an unbelievable oasis. You’ll find it hard to believe the clear pools of water and waterfall are not a mirage. As you wander through the desert, keep an eye out for local wildlife including jack rabbits, lizards, deer and coyote.

With lower temperatures, desert hiking best in the winter months. Remember that your safety comes first. Please do not hike alone. La Estancia Vacations can help you find the Cabo hiking spot that’s right for your interests and fitness level. Get up and get outside!