Cabo Shopping

Cabo Shopping
From small, local boutiques to luxury shopping near the marina, Cabo is a shopper’s heaven. Pick up the perfect gifts for friends and family, or a souvenir to commemorate your time at Villa La Estancia and Los Cabos.

Some of our favorite Cabo shopping spots include:

San Jose Del Cabo
Cabo San Lucas’ sister city, San Jose is the best spot to pick up an original piece of art, traditional jewelry or a unique trinket to show off on your desk. We love touring the city during the San Jose Art Walks. There is nothing better than strolling the cobblestone streets, meeting the amazing artists, and having a great story to go along with your souvenir.

Hotel California
Yes, it’s a touristy thing to do, but visiting Hotel California is a must when you’re in the Todos Santos area. We like to make a day out of a little Cerritos surfing and then margarita sipping at Hotel California. Not only can you get pick up a bottle of Hotel California tequila or great gifts for your friends. The Hotel California Emporium carries a lot of Hotel California mementos and traditional Mexican items.

Puerto Paraiso Mall
This is the place to be if you’re looking for luxury shopping, and did we mention it’s located just down the beach from Medano. Puerto Paraiso Mall is one of the newest shopping spots in Cabo and features a lot of popular retail stores and many new places to browse.

The Beach
You won’t go through your Cabo trip without meeting many of the beach vendors. While it’s totally up to you, a lot of visitors love to pick up a trinket or two while they’re lounging on the beach.