Cabo Snorkeling

Get a glimpse of life under the sea in Cabo San Lucas. There are a number of amazing snorkeling spots that boast crystal clear water and unique aquatic habitats. Chileno Beach, recently deemed a blue flag certified beach, is the most popular spot for snorkeling in Cabo. The water quality and calm waves make it perfect for families of all ages. To stay closer to Villa La Estancia, grab a water taxi out to Lover’s Beach. While not as calm as Chileno, the beautiful blue water just off the beach is an amazing snorkeling spot and a perfect afternoon activity.

Take your snorkel adventure to a new level with Power Snorkeling. Rather than propel yourself with fins, power snorkeling uses a handheld scooter to push you quickly through the water. This fun and unique adventure is not something you or your family will soon forget, and it makes for some great photos!