Cabo Surf Excursion

Surf’s Up
Los Cabos has long been a haven for surfers. In fact, each June, professional surfers descend upon Costa Azul for the Los Cabos Open of Surf. If you’re in search for an Endless Summer of your own, don’t miss awesome surf spots on both sides of the Baja Peninsula.

Alright, well, Cerritos isn’t necessarily the surf spot for the experienced; but, it is perfect for those who want to finally give the sport a try. Cerritos is known for smaller waves, a calm tide and sandy bottom (so the spills don’t hurt). Get your surf career off on the right foot with a surf lesson from the Cerritos Surf School. The instructors will set you up the right board, teach you how to time the waves, and help perfect your stance. You’ll be riding the waves in no time. Cerritos Beach Colony is also just an easy, hourlong drive north of Villa La Estancia Cabo. The scenery is great, so enjoy the drive!

No surf trip to Cabo is complete without a session at Zippers. Zippers Beach is located on the stunning Costa Azul between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo. Getting its name for the fast break, surfers will enjoy a fun, yet challenge ride. According to the surf experts, summer is the best time to paddle out at Zippers. We don’t recommend that new surfers try Zippers as there are rocks and rip tides to be aware of. And be prepared: Zippers is popular and can get a little crowded. Be patient, be respectful and you’re sure to love the Zippers surf experience.

Todos Santos:
Todos Santos is the sleepy village less than an hour north of Cabo San Lucas. While it’s usually the town that gets the attention (and popular Hotel California), the beach and waves can’t be ignored. During the winter months, Todos Santos really lights up and has the potential to produce some big waves. That said, Todos Santos is probably not the surf spot for beginners. If you’re there during big wave season, relax on the beach and watch the experienced do their thing.

Monuments Beach, located at the base of the popular Sunset de Mona Lisa, is a quieter surf spot not far from Villa La Estancia. Monuments is popular for its south to west swell as well as an unbeatable backdrop — Land’s End. Get there early and have the beach to yourself. While there is currently construction going on above the small beach, there is not much in the way of amenities. Conditions here can be perfect, but because of the small size of the beach area there’s not a huge margin of error. Monuments is not for beginners.