Cabo Surfing

The Surf’s Up in Cabo
If you’ve set your sight on catching a wave here is Cabo San Lucas, you’re in luck. The Los Cabos region boasts a number of great surf spots for every level of surfer. Depending on the time of year, Baja’s best surf spots may vary. That said, June through August tends to be the best time, overall, to catch a wave in Cabo. Chubascos (hurricane swells) that can occur this time of year bring amazing wave breaks throughout the East Cape. Ocean activity down under can also bring some impressive waves throughout Los Cabos including the Pacific Ocean and East Cape.

Los Cabos is recognized world round as a top surf destination. Each June, the world’s most talented surfers descend upon San Jose del Cabo’s Costa Azul for the Los Cabos Open of Surf at Zippers. If you’re in the area, grab your spot on the sand and witness these incredible athletes show off their skills. For up to date information, keep an eye on Cabo Surfline.

Beginner: Cerritos
Nice wave breaks, a shallow beach and sandy ocean floor make the Pacific Ocean beach, Cerritos, a must for new surfers. Located just 35 miles north of Villa La Estancia Cabo San Lucas, Cerritos is famous for its laid back beach style and easy waves. Families of all ages can enjoy playing in the break or taking a surfing lesson from the Cerritos Beach Club and Surf surf school. Experienced instructors take students from practicing their form on the sand to riding a wave in no time! Instructors are out in the water with students to help them paddle out, time waves and improve their form. After the hour-long surf session, don’t forget to refuel with some nachos from the Cerritos BCS kitchen.

The best season to catch a wave at Cerritos is Winter

Intermediary: Monuments
More rocky and more challenging than Cerritos, Monuments is a picturesque surf spot just a few minutes east of Cabo San Lucas. Not frequented by beachgoers, this section of shore is purely for the surfers. Monuments features an unbeatable, unobstructed view of Land’s End and the Arch. As you catch a few early morning waves, watch as the sun paints the Arch brilliant shades of orange. While Monuments is a popular Cabo surf spot, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about fighting crowds.

Catch the best Monuments waves between spring and autumn.

Experienced: Zippers
Zippers is easily the most famous, most popular surf spot in Cabo. Located along the beautiful Costa Azul, it lives up to its name with fast, punchy wave breaks. Thanks to the great break and its notoriety, there will likely be crowds during high season, there is simply no getting around it. Just a paddle from Zippers are two more great surf breaks: Old Man’s and The Rock. Old Man’s is your spot for a paddle session, while The Rock offers a more challenging ride. And don’t forget a bite to eat at Zipper’s Bar and Grill.

The best time of year to find a swell at Zippers is April through October.

More Cabo surf spots to check out:
Additional surf spots include: 9 Palms, Shipwrecks, Estuary, Todos Santos, Las Palmas, and Pedritos.