Todos Santos

Destination: Todos Santos
Todos Santos is a quaint, historic town located about 45 miles north of Cabo San Lucas. Established in 1723, Todos Santos was originally settled as a mission and thrived as Baja’s sugarcane capital. Today, the town prospers from farming, fishing, and ranching. Travel from Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos is now faster and safer than ever thanks to the recent widening of Highway 19.

Day Trippin’
A perfect day trip from Cabo, it’s easy to spend an afternoon wandering the quiet streets, and perusing art galleries and shops. But, no matter where you start in Todos Santos, somehow all roads lead to the world-famous Hotel California Baja.

Eagle’s View
While it is still unclear whether The Eagles were singing about this Hotel California, the hotel’s allure is undeniable. Take a moment to check out the art-filled lobby, enjoy a bite at the hotel restaurant, and savor a signature cocktail from the Hotel California bar. Like what you taste? Hotel California brand tequila is available for purchase.


Surf’s Up
While Cerritos Beach is not actually in Todos Santos, but it is just 20 minutes from Todos Santos. Cerritos itself has been a quiet surf colony for years, and the beach club has done a fantastic job retaining some of the charm. The bar/restaurant sits on the beach, with a majority of seating right there on the sand. Cerritos, too, has their own tequila brand and amazing cocktails. We highly recommend enjoying a classic margarita with a big plate of nachos.

Roadside Attraction: Art & Beer

A favorite roadside attraction and the perfect stopover during your day trip to Todos Santos, Art & Beer is as quirky as it gets. Owned and operated by husband and wife team, Don Alfredo and Lourdes, Art & Beer is a palapa-style establishment with beautiful Pacific Ocean views. Designate a driver before ordering one of their massive fresh fruit margaritas. As you sip, head up to the rooftop and around the platform path.

Word to the wise, the owners don’t allow guests to just stop in and wander, you must order food and/or drink … so be ready!